General questions

- What is Exbita?

Exbita is a cryptocurrency exchange script that allows you to create your own centralized exchange with the minimum level of technical skills.

- Where can I purchase Exbita?

We are an exclusive author at Envato and we don’t sell our cryptocurrency exchange script anywhere else.

- Which coins does Exbita support?

Exbita supports popular coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tron, and +1000 more coins as well as all Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens.

- How do I earn money with Exbita?

Users deposit crypto or fiat currencies and you earn from the commission between buy/sell orders and withdrawal fees. The percentage of commission and withdrawal fee amount is fully configurable.

- Can I have my own token?

Yes. You can list your own Ethereum based ERC-20 token and create unlimited markets paired with your coin.

- What do I need to install Exbita?

Exbita requires VPS from DO, Linode, AWS, or any other server which provides root access. Full server requirements are listed here https://docs.exbita.com/#/content/server-installation?id=server-requirements

- How to update Exbita?

We provide step-by-step instructions when we release a new version.

- Is price live data received from Binance or another stock exchange?

The price is not received from another exchange or source. Price is determined in Exbita exchange based on the latest trades.

- Can I send or receive cryptocurrencies from Binance or Coinbase for example?

Yes, you can send or receive cryptocurrencies from Binance or Coinbase, or any other exchange.

- Are the deposits and withdrawals automated?

Both deposits and withdrawals are automated as well as wallet address generation.

- Does Exbita support other languages except for English?

Yes. Exbita is a multilingual script. You can add any language since the text strings are fully translatable from the Admin Dashboard.

- Do the cryptocurrencies have their own Nodes?

Exbita supports the Bitcoin and Ethereum (all ERC-20 token included) Nodes. Other coins are supported by Coinpayments.

What I need to do if you want to customize Exbita? Do you provide any development services?

We are also a software development agency and serving under brand Codeline. We provide development service, and it can be discussed after you submit a ticket to our Support Center with your purchase code.

Questions from our community

As we understand, the deposits/withdrawals need to be manually accepted/declined? Do Admins receive a mail/notification when a new deposit/withdrawal available? Any plan to add automatically deposits/withdrawals?

Yes, all deposits and withdrawals need to be manually accepted/declined for all fiat currencies. The Admin user receives a mail notification as well. For Bitcoin, Ethereum (+ERC-20),and coins supported by Coinpayments, all deposit/withdrawals are automated by the system itself.

Can I add my own ERC20 Token and exchange it for other coins or FIAT?

Yes, you can add your token and exchange it for other coins and any fiat you want.

How is the price of my own ERC-20 token determined to exchange with another?

If you have your own token, in most cases you are the only holder and all total supply is on your wallet. So you need to create liquidity by filling order book with sell orders. The price can be dictated by you and you determine at what price you want to sell it.

Is price live data received from Binance or another stock exchange?

The price is not received from another exchange or source. Price is determined in Exbita exchange based on the latest trades.

Since there will be no movement of a new exchange, can fake orders be taken from other exchanges?

We are currently developing a market starter bot that will take orders from another exchange and fill order book of the same market in Exbita.

I want some customization, so where we can discuss it?

Feel free to submit a ticket at https://exbita.com/submit-ticket, and then we can discuss the details.

Does it support limit orders?

Exbita supports limit and market orders.

Is this system able to generate a wallet address for custom ERC20 tokens is it possible to get a common or unique wallet address of both ERC20?

Exbita generates unique wallet addresses per user

Is it able to generate TX hash from etherscan.io for every transaction of ERC20 /ETH?

Yes, for both deposits and withdrawals

How can my clients buy crypto? How do they transform euros or dollars to Bitcoin if there is no credit card option?

Exbita is set up to accept wire transfers to the account details you set in admin. This is how most of the exchanges work for security reasons. The possibility of chargeback and money laundering requires precautions. That is why we did not integrate any credit card gateway.

How do I, as an administrator, buy bitcoin on the network? How do I, as the owner of the exchange, transform those transfers from fiat to bitcoin? To whom I pay? because I for example buy bitcoins to coinbase with my credit card or transfer, but how does Coinbase convert that money? Who do I transfer to?

In exchanges, site owners do not bring coins or money to the system; users do. The users who want to buy bitcoin, buy from the users who want to sell bitcoin. The users who want to buy bitcoin, deposit fiat to your exchange. And the users who want to sell bitcoin deposit coins to the system. Money deposit address is given by admin from admin panel and coin deposit addresses automatically generated by Exbita.

They add their orders to the market. They provide the amount and price. When orders match, trade happens, and the site owner gets a commission from this trade. The commissions are gathered in wallets. So as the site owner, you are not selling any coin. You are providing a platform so other users can trade.

The example you gave Coinbase. They also have the same system, but when you make the purchase, they use their market orders via their API. For example, when you buy 100 USD worth of bitcoin, they send a market order to buy worth of 100USD to their market and send you after taking their commission. The money taken from your credit card goes to the user whose sell orders were processed.

The price of bitcoin is also defined in your market based on the latest trades.

Your documentations only supports bitcoin commission withdrawal and does it mean that admin will not be able to withdraw eth/erc 20 token commission?

You can withdraw the ETH commission using any online wallets like Metamask / MEW etc since you have full access to the ETH wallet.

Do the ETH transactions have gas fee or they are free?

The transaction has a gas fee, it is not related to Exbita, but it is necessary for Ethereum. Exbita uses optimal fees that won’t damage transaction time.

If I add my own ERC20 coin, when someone needs to buy or transfer this coin do I need to have an ETH balance to pay a gas fee?

As the main wallet and exchange owner, this gas fee is paid from the main account only when you send eth out of your exchange.

Depending on your withdrawal fee settings, you can get this amount when users withdrawing the coin from the system. There is no gas fee when you receive coins for your exchange.

The system gets the optimal gas fee from the Ethereum Network so that transfers won’t be stuck. Since you pay the gas fee when sending out of your exchange, you can compensate for this by adding a withdrawal fee.

Would it work with ST20 tokens?

Yes. Exbita supports ST20 tokens since it’s on the Ethereum Blockchain

I have some eth and some BTC that I would like to put in Exbita so that users can buy them, who should I enter those cryptos to the admin?

You have to create new currencies and add them to a new market with your ERC-20 tokens, e.g. YOURTOKENNAME – USDT.

After, deposit to your wallet generated in Exbita and create an order on that market. Your customer can deposit USDT to his wallet and buy your token from the YOURTOKENNAME-USDT market.

Can you tell me where the pages are in the theme editor and how to change the text?

The static pages for the Terms and API Doc can be editable from this page yourdomain.com/a/#/admin/locale/en (Statis Page tab),after you edit the text don’t forget to click to save button.

Other pages like Fees etc you can edit from the Theme Editor section (js/pages/fees.htm file),after you change the text don’t forget to click to Save button and Build for Production buttons.

The compiling process takes a while (approx 1-4 minutes). You will be notified on that screen that it was compiled then you can check the changes from the live site.

Also, everything inside $t() function inside the content means text is translatable. So you can have to go to the Locale page yourdomain.com/a/#/admin/locale/en and open the Translations tab and click on to Frontend item on the list. Then find for example “secure_exchange_title” string, edit the text, and close the popup modal. After you have to click to save button and open the home page. You will see an updated text.

I can't upload the site logo and favicon.

You have to enter AWS Account API Keys on the Settings page in order to able to upload images.

Have you designed your matching (trading) engine, does it have a standard logic and algorithm for the matching engine? How many trades per second is the matching engine able to handle?

Yes, the order matching engine was developed by our team. The efficiency and the robustness of the order matching system meet all market standards and tested on a high-frequency workload. The amount of trades per second the exchange can handle depends on the server capacity and Exbita can handle/executes unlimited transactions per second unless it reaches the server's limits.

Has it the capability (fast enough) to add the stop loss facility to it? Is your code clean and documented?

You can extend Exbita by adding new features since the code is clean and documented.

What are the programming languages and techniques used to develop the backend and frontend? Database ?

Exbita was built in Laravel Framework and VueJS. It uses MySQL as a database.

Does it support API connection to Binance or other exchanges for liquidity support at the beginning of implementation?

We are working on the Market Starter script to provide liquidity from other exchanges. You can check the roadmap from our Envato Item page.

Does it support adding new coins?

Yes, you can add any coin if you or your team are technically skilled.

Does it support RTL languages such as Farsi?

You have to customize/extend Exbita to support this feature by adding couple lines of code to the stylesheet CSS file.

Does it support market depth?

For now, Exbita doesn't support a market depth feature. We will add this feature based on market demand.

Does it support multiple wallets (e.g., hot, HD, multi-signature, and cold)?

Exbita supports only hot wallet. This feature is in our plan to add cold storage as well.

Does it support API for robots, apps, and server to server with privileges?

Yes, Exbita has public/private API endpoints to communicate with.

Does it support balance control security features (SMS, 2FA + MFA + Email verifications). Does it support multi-level verifications with different withdrawal and deposit limits?

Exbita supports SMS, 2FA features on withdrawals, and notifications to block unauthorized devices by email. Deposit and withdrawal limits are not supported.

Does it support TRC20 USDT deposit and withdrawal?

Exbita supports TRON, but not TRC20 tokens for now. We plan to add it to our roadmap.

Does it support a customizable referral code program?

Exbita doesn't have any referral code program, We plan to add it to our roadmap.

Does it support setting for different deposit and withdrawal Fees?

Yes, the fees can be set per coin.

Does it support the facility to instance sell and buy?

Yes. Exbita supports both market and limit orders.

Does it support setting custom and Multi-level maker/taker fees based on the user's trade volume?

No. Currently, this feature is not supported by our script. You set fees by percentage to all trades.

Does it support adding markets with our Fiat currency e.g. (BTC/RIAL)? Does it support fiat deposits and withdrawal through the bank gateway?

Yes. Exbita supports all fiat currencies, but it is a manual process by manually approving deposits and withdrawals. We plan to add some bank gateways in the future.

How to edit the Home Page content and static pages?

Kindly check the tutorials we prepared below:

The Home Page Content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dBcB2vBhvM

The Static Pages https://youtu.be/BOBXx8tu5s4

How to add ERC-20?

Follow the instructions provided in this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36FOqhtBzC0

This section will be updated/extended, as deemed necessary.