Setup Coinpayments

Exbita supports Bitcoin & Ethereum (ERC-20) coins as a separate Node. In addition to this, Exbita can be connected with a payment service provider to support more cryptocurrencies (Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and other popular coins). Kindly follow the instructions below to integrate Coinpayments.

Create Account

Visit this page and create a new account or log in if you already have an account.

Setup Coinpayments

1. Open your exchange and visit Admin Panel -> Site Settings -> Coinpayments ( and fill the following fields:

Merchant ID - open and copy Merchant ID
Private Key, Public Key - open and generate new private and public api keys
IPN Secret - open, click on Merchant Settings tab, set a new IPN Secret key and click on Update Account button.
Deposit Fee Checkbox - Coinpayments takes 0.5% (it may vary per coin) fee for deposit, so if you want to pay this fee and deposit full amount to user's wallet enable this option

After, click on save button.

2. Setup API key permission

Open, click on the Edit permissions button, and select all checkboxes under the API Key Permissions tab. After, click on the Update Permissions button.

3. Verify API connection

On Coinpayments Settings Page click on the Check Status button and make sure the connection was established.

4. Sync available coins

On Coinpayments Settings Page click on the Sync available coins button to get the list of supported coins by Coinpayments.

5. Add Coinpayment Coin to exchange

Open your exchange and visit Admin Panel ->Exchange ->Crypto Settings ( and add a new coinpayments currency.