We added a section to display a status of main services, e.g Bitcoin Node, Queue Workers, Mail System, Websockets. If some of the services are unavailable, it's a subject to check the installation instructions from the doc.

The Health Checker Section is located on Admin Panel -> Health Checker. Here is a screenshot of this page:

Bitcoin Node

If Bitcoin Node is Offline, please re-check carefully Setup Bitcoin Node section. It means the system can not connect to Bitcoin Node Server.

Ethereum Node

Ethereum Node Connection

If Ethereum Node is Offline, please re-check carefully Setup Ethereum Node section. It means the system can not connect to Ethereum Node Server.

If you restarted the server and forgot to run pm2 set pm2:autodump true command, you have to run manually the following command to restore the pm2 token watchers:


You can find TOKEN_WATCHER_PATH value from .env file.

e.g. pm2 start /root/scripts/ethereum/erc20token/tokenWatcher.js --name USDT-0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7 -- 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7 USDT

You have to run pm2 list command to verify the token was added to the list. After, you need to run pm2 set pm2:autodump true and pm2 save commands. If your user is not under root user, you have to prepend sudo before each pm2 command.

ERC-20 Token Transfers

If your user sent ERC-20 token to his wallet, but his wallet wasn't reflected, the reason is the main ETH wallet doesn't have enough fee to transfer it. You always need to keep your ETH wallet with balance to pay for gas.

Queue Workers

If Queue Workers is Offline, please re-check Setup Queue Workers. Also, try to restart the queue workers if you are using supervisor:

sudo supervisorctl start laravel-worker:*

Replace laravel-worker with your supervisor script name.

If you use command-line interface to run queue workers, make sure it's up and running and you use the following line:

php /var/www/html/artisan queue:work redis --queue=default,wallets,emails --sleep=3 --tries=3 --timeout=180

Replace /var/www/html with the actual sitepath

Mail System

If Mail System is Offline, please re-check carefully credentials added to the Email page of Admin ->Site Settings section. Also, make sure you filled Test Email Address field.

This section will be updated/extended, as deemed necessary.


If Websocket is Offline, please re-check carefully Setup Websockets section and make sure laravel-echo-server is up and running. You can also run laravel-echo-server without pm2 on development mode.

After you made any changes, click again to Health Status Check button to re-check all services.