Rest Api

Empower your clients and increase your profits by allowing them to use your exchange platform through a convenient Rest Api.

Intuitive and Straightforward

A well designed API that will drastically improve transactions on your platform and yield profit.

Personal Access Tokens

An open and easy to use modular system allows you to integrate custom and 3rd party systems alike (we provide code samples too)

Access Levels

Configurable access levels allow users to create read-only and read & write tokens separately for additional safety.

Json Response

We support the most popular format across APIs, which will allow for more number of integrations, meaning more transactions.

Powerful API

Build integrations with other tools and your own backend systems using the powerful Exbita API that your clients will fall in love with.

Our RESTful JSON API can be leveraged in both local hooks and modules as well as remotely to execute actions within Exbita from custom and 3rd party code.

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Rest Api
available commands

Currency API

  • Crypto Currencies List
  • Fiat Currencies List

Market API

  • Markets List
  • Market Details
  • Market Orderbook

Order API

  • Orders List
  • Order Details
  • Market Buy/Sell Order
  • Limit Buy/Sell Order
  • Cancel Order

Wallet API

  • Fiat Wallets List
  • Crypto Wallets List

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