Feature Tour

Discover all the tools and features Exbita has to offer!


Skip development and jump into execution.

Building your own cryptocoin exchange site from scratch is not cheap or easy.
Take a giant leap with Exbita and start instead with a finished and battle-tested platform.

Wallets and Currencies


We support BTC as well as all fiat currencies. Just set the fees & limits, Exbita does everything else.

Markets & Orders

Built upon a powerful trading engine, your exchange platform is armed with realtime orderbooks and charts.

Rest api

Flexible JSON api that allows external programs to talk to your platform and fulfill orders, quickly and efficiently.

Admin tools

Get in the driver seat and control every aspect of your platform through a modern and simple admin interface.


From two-factor authentication to identity verification flows, all security features you could need are baked in.

Coin Listing

List your own ERC-20 based token on Ethereum Blockchain


"Fast and Secure Crypto Exchange script with a beautiful user interface."                Paul Hayes, TradeIO

Integrated with all popular coins, security tools and services.

User friendly, CUTTING EDGE

With its simple UI, snappy page loads, realtime communication over websockets and more, Exbita has all that you could want from an exchange platform.

No need to set up servers, configure cryptocoin wallets or hire IT consultants. Exbita is an all-included, turnkey service.