User Friendly

With its simple UI, snappy page loads, realtime communication over websockets and more, Exbita has all that you could want from an exchange platform.

User Friendly

Manage Everything In Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Designed to be easy to use and customize, Exbita is ready to check all of your boxes


All .css and .html files are editable to create a customized look and feel.


Fully supports easy translation to an entirely different language.

Single Page Application

Which means reduced waiting times between pages and a faster experience.

Realtime Communication

Exbita uses websockets to update the page in realtime. No refresh needed!


Powered by the versatile and snappy VueJS for maximum performance.


It's based on Laravel, the most popular and powerful PHP framework out there.

We pieced together high quality ingredients to create a painless and smooth experience.

Looks great on all devices

It works just as great on phones and tablets as it does on desktop.

Ready to get started?

Use Exbita to launch your own exchange platform in record time!