Wallets & Currencies

Shape your trading platform in your own way. You can add unlimited fiat currencies, change transaction fees and limits in a minute.

Unlimited Currencies

Add unlimited fiat currencies from the admin panel to expand your market as you wish. New currencies you add start working immediately, no setup needed!

Fees & Limits

For each currency, you can individually adjust transaction fees, limit daily and monthly withdrawals, set minimum deposit amounts. You have full control!


We install and maintain cryptocoin wallets without your intervention. You don't need to have any technical background to run your platform.

Integrated with the Bitcoin, Ethereum & ERC-20 Nodes

Painless Deposit and Withdrawals

Exbita’s well designed UI provides a quick and simple experience for your users at every step.

Ready to get started?

Use Exbita to launch your own exchange platform in record time!

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