Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Exbita v5.2.0 released with iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Managed cloud hosted and unencrypted full source code plans are available with an affordable price,

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What is new in v4.0

Version 4.0 Update Brings Many Powerful Features and Improvements:

  • BNB Network Integrated
  • BEP-20 Tokens can be added from admin panel
  • TRC-20 Tokens can be added from admin panel
  • Cold Storage System support added
  • Stake System with options weekly, monthly and yearly investments
  • Ico System Added
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Integrated
  • Twilio SMS Gateway Support Added
  • Admin Dev Commands Panel Added
  • Mobile View Responsiveness updates
  • Security improvements

What is new in v3.0

Version 3.0 Update Brings Many Powerful Features and Improvements:

  • Market Starter Bridge * what is market starter?
  • TRON Network Integrated
  • Credit Card payment gateway with Anti-Chargeback module.
  • Stop Limit Orders
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements in the single market view.
  • Real-time TradingView chart data. Lowest chart interval 1h improved to 1 second
  • Market maintenance module
  • Detailed Transactions module, filterable for each currency or transaction type, including deposit, withdraw, referral earning, trade
  • Support to define different decimal points for each market for any coin
  • Additional API endpoints added. Market status, min trade sizes, quote and base currency tick step size, decimal point size, transaction module
  • Previously unstable - laravel-echo socket system is replaced with native laravel websockets
  • Market list table designs updated to a tabbed view, where each tab is a quote currency.
  • The trending markets list converted to scrollable to support more markets
  • Added support to be deployed on autoscaling serverless AWS Lambda for Enterprise clients to overcome the server capacity issues at extreme loads
  • Add Order - Cancel Order functionality re-written to reduce api response time
  • Laravel telescope integrated for detailed app monitoring
  • Security improvements
  • Laravel version updated to 8.78.
Bestseller Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Since Released
Cryptocurrency Exchange Software
Stateless, Token Driven Single Page Application

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • SPA Structure
  • Trading API with Access Level
  • Multi Language
  • Theme Editor
  • Limit & Stop Loss Orders
  • ETH & TRON & BTC Nodes
  • List own ERC-20 Token
  • Unlimited Markets
  • Socket System
  • Realtime TradingView Chart
  • Market Starter Integration
  • +1000 COINS
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All the tools you need to start your professional cryptocurrency exchange platform

Bitcoin exchange script Exbita features are built based on feedbacks from our community

Self hosted & managed cloud hosted versions available

1000+ Coins

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • BNB
  • Uniswap
  • YFI
  • Tron
  • ZRX
  • EnjinCoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • VeChain
  • TrueUSD
  • Swipe
  • Matic
  • ELF
  • OMG Network
  • NEO
  • Waves
  • Dogecoin
  • BitTorrent
  • And more

Unlimited Markets, Centralized Exchange

Add unlimited markets with crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs from the admin panel to expand your market as you wish. New currencies you add will start working immediately without additional setup need.

Multi-currency cryptocurrency trading exchange solutions with an unmatched matching engine.

All fiat currencies and ERC-20 tokens can be added from the admin panel

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Note: All Our Licenses come with a 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Powerful Trading API for Trading Bots, Margin Trading Bots and custom App Development

By using powerful API connect Exbita with

Mobile Apps
Payment Gateways
Cryptocurrency Ticker Scripts
Market Bots

Bitcoin Trading Script with Advanced Verification Technologies with KYC AML

Digital assets are secure with two-factor authentication. Available as Authenticator and SMS code methods

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Credit Card

Anti-Chargeback Verification

Manual Deposit and withdrawal approval mechanism

Version 8.78
Google Captcha
TRN, BTC & ETH Wallets
Setup your own node and take everything under control. No third-party services with extra fees

Features at Glance

Features of bitcoin exchange software

TRON, BTC & ETH Nodes and wallets

Exbita uses its own TRN, BTC & ETH Nodes, so you do not need to pay extra fees by using third-party cryptocurrency wallet services.

Market starter has arrived

The long waited market starter is ready to use.

When a crypto exchange starts, it starts with empty markets which is a serious problem because nobody will register to an exchange if they see the markets are empty. This is the biggest issue new exchanges are having.

To solve this problem, we developed the market starter. It is a multithreading application which creates a bridge between a source exchange and your Exbita exchange using their api. It makes a lot of operations but basically;
- brings and syncs the orders from a source exchange to your exchange with a profit amount set by you.
- if an order is processed in your exchange, it processes the same order in the source exchange.
- if any of your exchange users add an order and if it is profitable, it will process the order in your exchange and also in the source exchange.

Market starter can run any amount of markets you would like it to. Orderbook sizes, profit margin, activity speed can be configured. Currently, it supports single source exchange, Bittrex, but we are in the process of adding Binance.
Market starter is a SaaS and billed by the amount of requests it makes.

market starter
Mobile App Exbita v5.0.3 released
with iOS and Android Mobile Apps mobile app
mobile app

What is Exbita?

Exbita is a white label cryptocurrency exchange software that will allow you to run your exchange platform.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange script?

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a web application that provides a digital assets trading platform for its users. It is also called a bitcoin exchange script or a crypto exchange script.

This trading platform creates revenue from trades as a trading commission. Most of the exchanges also generate income from withdrawal fees. Exbita allows admin to set commission and tax rates for each market and allows admin to configure withdrawal fee for each coin.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange clone?

An exchange clone is a keyword used to define the bitcoin trading PHP script with similar functions and design to the most popular e currency exchange companies. i.e., binance clone script

Where can I get a cryptocurrency exchange script?

You can get the Exbita cryptocurrency exchange script from the pricing page.

How to set up your cryptocurrency exchange?

You can set up your cryptocurrency exchange using Exbita within a couple of hours and provide your clients' bitcoin trading platform.

All ERC-20 tokens are supported, and exchange owners can also list their ERC-20 tokens. For more info about creating your own token and adding it to your exchange check out our Erc-20 exchange script article.

How much does it cost to create a bitcoin exchange?

It starts from $199.95/month to create a bitcoin exchange using Exbita.

How to build a bitcoin exchange website?

You can build a bitcoin exchange website by using Exbita.

Building a bitcoin exchange website is not an easy task and requires long development times and a high budget. Instead of spending your budget and time on something you can buy for $199.95/month, you can use that budget for marketing purposes.

View a Bitcoin Exchange Demo Website

Where can I get the software to start a Bitcoin exchange?

Entrepreneurs can get the software to start a Bitcoin exchange from the pricing. Exbita is the bestseller, crypto exchange platform software with a 5-star customer rating.

What is a white label crypto exchange software?

A white label crypto exchange software is a cryptocurrency trading platform software that can be fully branded with your logo and brand name.

Which is the best cryptocurrency exchange script?

Exbita is the best cryptocurrency exchange script available in the market.

Which crypto coins does Exbita support?

Exbita currently supports Tron, Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, so TRN, BTC, ETH, and all ERC-20 tokens are supported, which is more than 1000 coins.

You can also list your token with Exbita and create market pairs with other coins and any fiat currency.

View the Erc-20 Exchange Script page for more details about listing your own Erc-20 token.