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Exchange Script
Laravel Octane

Fully featured VueJs single-page application website supercharged by Laravel Octane v9.21.6

React Native

React Native Hybrid Mobile applications for iOs and Android that includes all functionality of the website

Regulation-safe, external liquidity provider that can fill your markets with orders

process them in the source exchange, and generate volume even for your token not listed anywhere else using the Exbita public API.

BTC, TRX, and All Ethereum Based Nodes, Unlimited Tokens + Coinpayments support


Exbita Bitcoin Script Features

Full Trading API

All public and private endpoints for users to programmatically manage their accounts, trade, and connect external applications

SPA Structure

Loads the frontend once, provides flawless change between pages providing a pleasing browsing experience


Add unlimited language from admin panel, auto language detection system based on browser locale

List tokens

List Own ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-10, TRC-20, and MATIC-ERC-20 tokens from the admin panel

API Token

API Token management with different access levels


All Coins and Tokens are supported in CoinPayments.

Cold storage support

Let’s keep a minimum amount in hot wallets.

Internal Nodes

BTC, ETH, BSC, TRX, MATIC Internal Nodes

Whitelabel High Quality Source Code
Site Branding
KYB Business Verification
Customizable Trading View Chart
Depth Chart
IEO System
Quick, Limit, and Stop Limit Orders
Reference System
User Roles & Permissions management
Support for all Fiat Currencies
Staking System
Order Book
Crypto-to-Crypto, Crypto-to-Fiat Trading
Unlimited Markets
KYC User Verification & KYB Business Verification
Authenticator and SMS 2FA
Theme Editor
Web Socket System

Payment gateway


Iyzipay Credit Card payment gateway integration with the Anti-Chargeback module.


Stripe payment gateway integration


Paypal payment gateway integration

Bank transfer

Bank transfer deposit option.

Smart Google Recaptcha security on suspicious attempts
Amazon s3 support for optional automatic backup and file storage
Configurable fee, reference bonus, deposit/withdraw limits for each coin/tokens
A particular page for providing info about your token
  • API Endpoints Rate-limiting
  • New IP confirmations
  • New login notification
  • Submit ticket form
  • Contact us form
  • Social Accounts Settings
  • Health Checker
  • Policy Pages
  • %5 Price difference threshold protection on quick orders

CMC requirements support

Coin Info Page, Custom API Endpoints in the requested format

Coingecko requirements support

Custom Api Endpoints in the requested format

Ready with Mobile apps

Exbita released with iOS and Android Mobile Apps


Advanced Verification Technologies

Bitcoin Trading Script with Advanced Verification Technologies with KYC AML, Digital assets are secure with two-factor authentication. Available as Authenticator and SMS code methods


Unlimited Markets. Centralized Exchange.

Add unlimited markets with crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs from the admin panel to expand your market as you wish.

New currencies you add will start working immediately without additional setup need. Multi-currency cryptocurrency trading exchange solutions with an unmatched matching engine.

All fiat currencies and ERC-20 tokens can be added from the admin panel

New Light Theme
24 theme template to choose from

New Light Theme
24 theme template to choose from

New Light Theme
24 theme template to choose from

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User Guide

Step by step guide of using our products

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Exbita provides a REST API for developers

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Features at Glance

Frequently Asked Questions

Exbita is a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software development company. As of the last update in September 2019, Exbita produces a cryptocurrency exchange script. Its platform enables businesses to create cryptocurrency exchanges with features such as multi-language support, secure wallet services, and user-friendly interfaces.


Exbita aims to provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution to setting up a cryptocurrency exchange, avoiding the need for extensive software development or infrastructure investment.

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-coded software foundation to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform, enabling buying, selling, and trading digital currencies.

The script provides:

  • A backbone for the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Offering key functionalities such as user management.
  • Secure transactions.
  • Payment processing.

Developers can build upon and customize this base to create their unique business.

A typical script includes features like account management, secure transactions, order matching, wallet integration, payment processing, and security protocols. Advanced scripts may offer additional features like futures trading or margin trading.

Yes, a significant advantage of a cryptocurrency exchange script is its customizability. Developers can modify it to match specific needs, adding unique features or personalizing the user interface.

A quality script should follow the best web security practices. However, additional measures like two-factor authentication, encryption, and cold storage should be added during development to ensure maximum security.

A clone script is designed to emulate the functionalities and features of a successful cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a quick launchpad for a platform similar to popular exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

A script allows for the rapid development and launch of a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s cost-effective, reducing the time and resources needed to build from scratch. Customizability provides for a unique end product.

Costs vary greatly depending on the script’s complexity, customization requirements, scalability, and the vendor’s level of support. It’s best to contact vendors directly for quotes.

Numerous software development companies and freelancers offer cryptocurrency exchange scripts. Before purchasing, consider their reputation, previous work, customer reviews, and post-sales support.

Yes, as long as the script doesn’t infringe on copyrights or trademarks. It should be noted that a clone script emulates functionality, not the original code.

The development time depends on the extent of customization, integration requirements, testing, and deployment. On average, it could take a few months to a few years.

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