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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Company

Exbita is a bitcoin exchange script that lets you open and run your own exchange platform without writing a single line of code.

“Our mission is to deliver an all-inclusive crypto exchange script and substantially lower the barrier of entry to this market for entrepreneurs. We meticulously developed this product, paying particular attention to security and ease of use, and created a top-notch service so that our clients can focus their attention on growing instead of reinventing the wheel.”

Giray Temel, CEO of GiteSoft

Exbita’s journey began when the “big bitcoin rush” emerged in late 2017.

At that time, many exchange sites closed their doors to new clients because their platforms were out of capacity and they were simply unable to handle this unprecedented soar in demand. Uncertain regulations, blockchain technology still being in its infancy, forbiddingly high costs of development and maintenance also played a big role in keeping new entrepreneurs off the market.

As a software company, we realized that entrepreneurs needed an easier way to enter the crypto exchange market, without having to go through all the technical challenges, which we could solve for them through our expertise in blockchain development.

Today our cryptocurrency exchange script is the #1 choice for crypto currency entrepreneurs, empowering them with the best tools they need to be successful.

Exbita Estonia Office

Kesklinna linnaosa,
Sakala tn 7-2 Harju maakond,
Tallinn 10141 Estonia

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