Markets & Orders

Create unlimited crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat markets on your platform and run your own order book powered by our robust and battle tested crypto trading engine.

Robust and Reliable

A powerful crypto trading engine, designed for stability and profitability.

Unlimited Markets

Decide the fiat and cryptocurrencies you want to work with the crypto trading engine and open them through the admin panel. Your market will be up and running instantly.

Registered users can use the favorite markets feature and add their favorite markets to this list for easy access and track

Stop Limit, Limit and Market Orders

Exbita fully supports 3 types of orders. Stop limit, limit, and quick orders. For extra market security, quick orders are always fulfilled only within a 5% price window.

Exchange users can view their open orders and all past processed orders.


A transparent order book that keeps all the pending and fulfilled transactions. Plus, it clearly shows the trends and resistance points of your markets.

Websockets driven real-time order data are shown with a beautiful, easy to use interface, do not waste time or opportunities, Exbita has the best crypto trading engine.

Market History

Shows the last 100 transactions in real time, providing insight into your market’s performance. Comes with a trading view chart that shows detailed history.

Our trading engine has all the tools a trader may need.

Tradingview and Dept Charts

Every market created comes with its own special Tradingview and depth charts. Use them to analyze your market’s ebbs, flows, and historical performance.

Toast Notifications

Whenever the crypto trading engine fulfills a pending order, you receive an instant toast notification indicating the successful transaction.

Our trading engine, known for its transparency and efficiency, stands ready to propel your markets towards success. Exbita proudly presents the finest crypto trading engine, extensively tested in production environments capable of processing 300 orders per second.

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