Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Tools

Get in the driver seat of your exchange platform through powerful and easy to use admin tools we provide in our exchange script. We hand full control over to you in our cryptocurrency exchange software Exbita.

Manage Everything In Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

From a simple, versatile control panel that comes with every Exbita exchange script deployment.


  • Crpyto Wallets Status
  • Pending Fiat Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Pending Crypto Withdrawals

User Management

  • User Lists
  • Block User
  • Id Verifications

Market Management

  • Create new crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat markets
  • Set minimum order amounts

Fiat Currency Settings

  • Maximum Daily, monthly withdraw limits
  • Minimum withdraw amount
  • Minimum deposit amount
  • Deposit bank account settings

Crypto Currency Settings

  • Minimum withdraw amount
  • Minimum deposit amount

Wallet settings

  • Fiat withdraw
  • Deposit processment
  • Wallet api connection settings

Theme editor

  • Supports file attachments for additional context.


  • Deposit & Withdraw logs
  • Login, password reset logs

General Settings

  • Commission & Tax settings
  • Maintance mode
  • ReCaptha api access settings
  • Mailgun api access settings

The Must-Have Tools a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Should Have ​ ​

Launching your own crypto exchange platform is a complex and serious task thus You need to use the best crypto exchange software in the market.

As a result of the increasing popularity of the crypto coins, more entrepreneurs enter the market day by day.

Developing an cryptocurrency exchange script is a time consuming and costly task. So, using an white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is the most efficient way for a quick start.

The management tools a crypto exchange script provides to its admin is vital as much as its users’ features. Exbita, as a white label PHP exchange script that comes with all the tools an exchange owner will need to manage his business.

The Administration Tasks That Needs To Be Done Manually in a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script​ ​

Even though most of the Exbita functions are automated, some essential tasks need manual action from your exchange platform admins.

Approving KYC verifications of new users, confirming deposits and withdrawals are among the most frequent tasks an exchange platform admin must do.

We designed the Exbita admin panel to give you all the tools to customize your exchange platform without the need for source code update while keeping the security at maximum. If the admin account is compromised, there is no way to access any of the wallets or critical information like API keys. All sensitive settings are saved to the environment file, and the only way to access it is by logging into the server with ssh.

You can check the admin interface and available settings from our demo crypto exchange application

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