Building a Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange in 30 Minutes

Posted on June 15, 2023

Create a custom cryptocurrency exchange script using Exbita

Cryptocurrency exchanges have become increasingly popular as more people seek to invest in digital assets. Exbita is a white-label exchange script that enables users to build their cryptocurrency exchange. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide on creating a custom cryptocurrency exchange using Exbita white label exchange script in 30 minutes.


Before we begin, there are some prerequisites you need to meet before creating your exchange. You will need to purchase a license from and have the following hardware and software requirements:

  • Linux Server (Debian/Ubuntu)

  • Server RAM Minimum >= 8GB, recommended >= 16GB

  • Server CPU Minimum >= 4, recommended >= 8

  • Server Disk Space 3GB+

Installation Process

Exbita offers an automatic installation process that allows users to set up their exchange. Here are the steps to follow:

Log in to your server as root.

Download the installation script using the following command: curl -O

Run the installation script using the following command: sudo bash install. sh

Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Key Features

Exbita offers a range of parts that can be customized to meet the user's specific needs. Some of the critical elements of the platform include:

  • Robust trading engine

  • User-friendly interface

  • Robust security parts

  • Third-party liquidity provider

Exbita Dashboard

The Exbita dashboard provides users with various tools to manage their exchange. Users can manage user accounts, deposit and remove funds, and monitor transactions.

Adding Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Exbita enables users to add any bep20, trc10, trc20, polygon, and erc20 cryptocurrency to their exchange. Users can set up trading pairs, set transaction fees, make stake plans, and more.

Customizing the Platform

Exbita allows users to customize the platform's design and branding to reflect their vision. Users can adjust the color scheme, logo, and overall aesthetics.

Launching and Marketing the Exchange

Once the exchange is set up, users can launch and market their businesses to attract traders. Exbita offers low costs, quick deployment, and the ability to create a custom exchange that meets the user's needs.

End / Conclusion

Creating a custom cryptocurrency exchange using the Exbita white label exchange script is easy and can be done in 30 minutes. Exbita offers a range of features that can be customized to meet the user's specific needs, and the app is user-friendly and secure.

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