Safe and Secure

At every step we take, your exchange platform’s safety comes first. That’s why we built Exbita from the bottom up with security in mind.

State of the art Security

Exbita implements all of the modern security features that a cryptocurrency exchange script needs.

Two-Factor Authentication

Clients can activate 2fa via SMS or Google Authenticator to make their accounts extra safe.

New login notification

Upon successful login, the client is notified. If it's not them, they can use this e-mail to suspend their account.

New IP confirmation

Clients are sent a confirmation link via e-mail each time they use a new IP address to log in to their account.

ReCaptcha verification

We prevent brute-force attacks by incorporating ReCaptcha verification after failed attempts at logging in.

Identity verification system

Clients are asked to upload documents for proof of identity, which you can manually inspect via the admin panel.


Critical aspects of the operation is always logged, including withdrawals, deposits, logins and account resets.

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