Who is Dastan Kenjebekovich Estebesov (Дастан Кенжебекович Эстебесов) and What is Optima Exchange


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Important Warning PLEASE READ It is with regret that the team at Gitesoft OÜ has to inform you that our intellectual property has been stolen 1 year ago by our own company employee and is being offered for sale elsewhere. The product being sold by Optima Exchange is of an inferior build to the Exbita product v3.3.2 that is stolen and cloned by Dastan Kenjebekovich Estebesov who was working for Gitesoft OÜ for 4 years as Agency Director before this event. The product sold by him is Gitesoft OÜ IP, code and creative thinking. We will be defending and bringing to justice the theft of our hard work and loss of earnings. Unfortunately we are being contacted daily by people who have purchased the stolen source and got scammed, getting their coins stolen. Any purchase from Optima Exchange Dastan Kenjebekovich Estebesov to come forward and contact us on: [email protected] so we can add you to the evidence collecting on our legal case against him in Bishkek Krygzistan. We will provide FREE Exbita Professional Plan for all reporters who can provide their purchase invoice.

We have convicted him in Turkey for this and various crimes he involved at October 2021 and got the pirated clone removed from various software markets.

Please check this page by 11 April 2022 for the evidences and detailed explanation of the crime in English and Russian languages.

The Opposite Party and the Contract

The contract concluded with the opposite party on November 20, 2017, is given in the file named dastan estebesov contract.pdf Article 9 of the Contract is titled “Prohibition of Competition” whereas Article 9.1 includes a provision that prescribes that “regardless of the termination reason of the contract, the contractor can not engage any contract or non-contractual work that is covered with the contract without the consent of the Gitesoft business owner.”

The scanned copy of the passport delivered by the opposite party while concluding the contract is given in the file dastan estebesov passport.jpg.

The address of the opposite party is indicated in the contract. Kulatova st. 20/5, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is given in the file vekaletname.pdf


The name of the product is Exbita, and it is promoted and offered on https://exbita.com. The product is a PHP software that allows the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The product development efforts started in 2017, and the product was put up for sale on CodeCanyon of Envato for the first time in September 2020. When the product was launched, it url was https://codecanyon.net/item/exbita-crypto-currency-exchange-platform/28422453. We withdrew the product from the CodeCanyon market on April 2021 and started to market by ourselves. The product can be seen as deleted on the address above currently.

We can see the updates concerning the product on the date of launch, which is September 2020, and the following period using the internet archive. For example; the following address has the first archival image: https://web.archive.org/web/20200917004835/https://codecanyon.net/item/exbita-crypto-currency-exchange-platform/28422453.

On the launch date, there was no other product similar to this one. Therefore, the offered product drew great attention quickly and became a “Best Seller” with 69 sales in its category.

The promotional video of the product is available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKzicJHupkE&t=7s. The video was uploaded on February 3, 2021, and describes the properties of the product.

The source codes were first uploaded to Gitlab three years ago to https://gitlab.com/gitesoftlab/exbita/exbita.

The Development of the Incident

Having been employed by the company in November 2017 as a contract employee, Dastan Estebesov noticed the success of Exbita and started to clone and sell products believing that we might not find it out. However, during our later conversations, he admitted that he was overwhelmed by his greed and had wanted to make fast money.

He first resigned from his office on February 25, 2017, on the pretext that he couldn’t spare any time for his family.

We agreed that he would quit after a month following the date, whereas we learned that he wanted to initiate his own cryptocurrency exchange after he quit on March 3, 2021.

As Gitesoft, other than and in addition to Exbita, we also operate our own cryptocurrency exchange on https://kriptoist.com/, which we launched using Exbita.

Dastan stated on March 18 once more that he wanted to open a cryptocurrency exchange to which I replied that this was not possible and that he mustn’t copy my work. After that, Dastan said that he wanted to continue his employment. Therefore, we decided to forget what had gone on and continue.

On June 12, he said once more that he wanted to initiate a cryptocurrency exchange and asked how much money he would need to pay. I responded that it was not possible for him to do so and dismissed him from the team.

We had similar talks in the following process. Finally, he claimed that he wouldn’t copy my work and my product, and we didn’t get in touch again.

The Cloning of the Product and the Discovery of the Sales

We provided e-mail addresses for all the members of our team ending with the codeline domain (https://codeline.io) which is our software agency. Dastan also used the e-mail address [email protected] which was provided to him until he quit. We removed the e-mail address as he left the team. However, Dastan forgot to delete the e-mail from a service he had used, and this enabled us to access the mails delivered thereto.

On August 23, 2021, a mail came to the e-mail address that a new server had been opened on Laravel Forge service and that the SSH Key of the server had been added to the Version Control Service of [email protected] Here, Dastan named the server as Optima. I was thinking that Dastan might open an exchange using Exbita. However, I didn’t have any information other than Optima and, therefore, I decided to wait without any move.

On August 28, Dastan opened two more servers. I believe that he made a spelling mistake with the first server and, therefore, he deleted it and opened the second server. I thought that Dastan launched a cryptocurrency exchange named Optima and waited to check it out in the following process.

On September 16, 2021, he opened another server. This time, the name was Optima_BNB_Node. BNB Node is a technical concept and is used for the integration of the blockchain named Binance Smart Chain. Now I was sure that Dastan opened an exchange called Optima.

As I was consulting and doing research with my lawyers as to what path to follow, Dastan opened six servers at once on September 20, 2021. This time he used domain in the server names.

When I visited the domains with domain names, I was shocked. The domains were uploaded a cryptocurrency exchange platform software named Optima Exchange Script which was a slightly changed version of Exbita where the properties and the structure remained the same. What is more, bitindi.com, one of the domains, was a former Exbita client. There were 5 domains, in total launched by him. He also deleted and reopened a server named vipcoins.com-Kent. I added the homepage of bitindi.com as an example. The other websites which he created and are known by me are https://pandorasexchange.com, https://vipcoins.co and https://jire-dex.net. I attached the PageVault records of these to the files.

When I searched Optima on the Internet, I found out that it was traded on Codester.com and CodeCanyon.com websites.

The website named Codester traded it on ​​https://www.codester.com/items/33019/optima-cryptocurrency-exchange-script.

On September 20, 2021, I reported the condition to the Codester support service, and they removed the product and prohibited from the system. When they examined the product, they also discovered the fraud.

Similarly, the website named CodeCanyon traded it on https://codecanyon.net/item/optima-cryptocurrency-exchange-script/33627414. The sales started here on September 2. The link still shows that the product had been previously available there but was removed.

I filled in the DMCA form given in envato dmca.pdf file on September 22, 2021 and delivered it to Envato upon which the product was removed from sales. They filled the Counter DMCA form given in envato counter dmca.pdf and sent it to Envato on September 25, 2021. Envato requested me to provide proof that I initiated legal procedures. Otherwise, Envato would reactivate the product.

We don’t know which e-mail and personal details he traded the products on exchanges. I guess that he had first used the e-mail address provided to him but then entered a new e-mail address and personal details after my complaint. This is because they delivered DMCA responses to Envato using a different name. Most probably there is no such person or added after the complaint.

Other Proofs and Offenses

There is also another condition that is not subject to this case. Dastan took the bonus payments with him and didn’t return upon his leave. Although I requested their return, he failed to do so. When I threatened him that I would initiate legal procedures, he threatened me with allegations about the company’s tax records and my passport.

On July 28, he tried to access our Github account. Although he entered the password correctly, Github required e-mail verification and sent us an access code. This is how we noticed his attempt.

When he found out on September 23 that the product was removed, he sent us threat messages with [email protected] He created pages on Facebook named kriptoist and made allegations therein using my name. He revealed himself when he accidentally sent these using his own mobile phone and telephone number. He also created the account kriptoist-scam on eksisozluk.com and made further allegations. Believing that it was illegal, he disclosed our mode of use to the payment infrastructure Iyzico and also threatened us to file a complaint at the relevant ministry. He reached out to Jay, one of my current employees, and offered him a job. I captured the instant records of all these using pagevault. Although they may be deleted on the Internet, I have been able to add these to the folder as proofs.

There were also considerable e-mail correspondences between us after the product was removed. I also added them to the folder. There, he admitted that both the e-mails (bearing his name and a fake one) and the product belonged to him and threatened me to allow him. However, his words in the mail and in the DMCA counter-notice do not correspond.

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