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Server Installation

Installation Guide

Server Requirements

The project requires to be installed on Linux based VPS Server, but you are free to install it anywhere, where Laravel is supported and can be launched. It’s impossible to provide instructions to all possible operating systems. Therefore, this doc contains only Linux-based instructions, so for all other Operating Systems, you have to find the information yourself.

Minimal software requirements:

1 VPS Server: Exbita Server Requirements:

  • Linux Server (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Server RAM Minimum >= 8GB, recommended >= 16GB
  • Server CPU Minimum >= 4, recommended >= 8
  • Server Disk Space 3GB+

Note: Exbita does not work on servers with Virtual CPU; so far, the only provider we have detected this type of server is NameCheap, so Exbita does not work on NameCheap servers.

The Automatic Installer

Installing Exbita requires technical knowledge, and it takes hours to install it manually. We have created an Automatic Installer, which will automatically set up all the necessary software to the server and upload Exbita making it ready to use.

This installer is built for a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 server, but it should work in other Debian-based Operation Systems.

Exbita will not work on a server with server management software such as cPanel etc.

We strongly suggest using the automatic installer if you are not a web development expert.

To start the automatic installer, log in to your Ubuntu server with ssh as the root user and then run the command below.

wget https://clientarea.exbita.com/downloads/install.sh -O install.sh && . install.sh

Please get in touch with us and open a ticket if you encounter any issues with the automatic installer (https://clientarea.exbita.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2)

Note: During installation, the installer will create a Linux system user, ‘exbita’, and when installation is completed, the installer will show the password for the user ‘exbita’.

Your main wallet addresses and their private keys for the ETH, BSC, and MATIC nodes will also be created and shown in the terminal at the end of the installation.

Your TRX main wallet address and private key are added to the .env file at /home/exbita/html folder.

Make sure you save this data.

Note: You should never run any command in the terminal with the root user after installation is completed. Instead, switch to user ‘exbita’ and run the commands with this user.

You can switch to user ‘exbita’ with the command below.

su - exbita

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