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Branding Settings


This section is used to store branding settings, which contains the options below:

  • Site Name – Site name will be used in emails, and messages (e.g. Exbita)
  • Site URL – The site URL should contain the full domain name with its protocol (e.g https://exbita.com)
  • Site Copyright – Site Copyright owner, displayed in the footer section
  • Site Logo – Branding Logo, allowed to upload jpg, gif, png. The logo will be displayed on Home Page
  • Site Logo Favicon – Branding Logo at the footer and at the login and register pages. Allowed to upload jpg, gif, png.
  • Site Favicon Favicon image allowed to upload png, ico file types
  • Site Contact Email Support Email, displayed in the footer section, and contact/support form emails will be sent to
  • Disable browser language detection As default, the system detects the browser language of the visitor and changes the site language based on this language. You can disable this behavior if you check this setting
  • Enable KYB? Enable the Know Your Business AML verification option
  • Enable the Token Page Option to show a link and display a page to your token on the homepage
  • Google Tag Manager Container ID Option to inject GTM to all pages in the website for deploying various assets. Note that this is not an analytics tracking code. You can create a GTM Container and add Analytics to it
  • Is KYC required? Option to enable/disable KYC/KYB requirement. If this is checked, the user needs to verify their account or business before depositing/withdrawing any funds
  • Quote Currencies The list of quote currencies displayed on the market list page as tabs
  • Default Quote Currency The default selected quote currency tab on the market list page
  • Enable storing images in AWS Storage Option to store all uploaded assets by the user in the AWS S3 bucket. Please note that if you enable this setting, uploading files/images will be available after you set up and connect AWS Storage (check AWS S3 Storage Settings section)

Click to save button to store the data

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