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Site Settings Page


After all previous instructions are applied, the next step is configuring initial site settings from the admin dashboard. To open the admin dashboard, open your browser and go to http://domain/login

Please note: All site settings should be filled in to get the system to work correctly.

1. Login Page

Type the Admin credentials you entered on the Installation page.

  • Email
  • Password

alt text

2. Open Admin Panel from the User Dashboard page

Click to Admin Panel Section from sidebar links.

alt text

3. Go to Site Settings from Admin Dashboard

Click to Site Settings Section from sidebar links.

alt text

The Site Settings Page contains the following sections:

  1. Email Settings
  2. Branding Settings
  3. Social Media Settings
  4. AWS S3 Storage Settings
  5. SMS Provider Settings
  6. Google NoCaptcha
  7. Bitcoind Settings

Please note: First, you must configure the email settings to prevent getting locked out of the admin panel due to the IP verification security feature. Do not skip this step.


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